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I've been meaning to post this, but life has gotten in the way. Since I meant to post it last week and couldn't, let me share my vast wisdom with you all. I even made a picture for your enjoyment.

When visiting sites or blogs, it can be confusing with all these new policies whether the ad is "paid" or not. Tired of not knowing which ads would lead me to another interesting blog - and which ads would just lead me, I figured out how to tell them apart. I haven't seen this posted on any other blog, so I'm guessing it isn't common knowledge. Prepare to be amazed...

So you're clicking along, dropping on all your favorite blogs. (Seeing how drastically my own drop rate has bottomed out, I'm assuming most Entrecarders - myself included - are only visiting their faves - and not working their heinies off for 300 drops every day.) Right after you drop, hover your mouse over the picture (or ad portion) on the widget. Then glance down at your status bar.
~ Your status bar is the bar across the bottom of your screen, between your Internet window and your bottom toolbar.
~ If you can't see your status bar (and are using Firefox), go to the top of your screen, click "view", then see if there is a check mark next to "status bar". If not, click on "status bar" and you will see it pop up at the bottom of your Internet window. If it is checked and you just can't see the status bar, click on "status bar" to remove the check mark - and look to see what disappears. Now click on "view" again, then click on "status bar" again, and watch for it to come back. If you use IE, you're on your own. Sorry.

And here is the visual I made.
In the example above, you can see the ad is a paid ad. Just look at the end of the status bar. In the example below, the end of the status bar says "entrecard", so you know it's been paid for with credits.
Click on either picture to enlarge it.

If you are boycotting paid ads, and/or want to support those who run (and buy) ads with their hard earned credits, click on the ads that show up as "entrecard" at the end of your status bar. You will be happily transported to another Entrecard site or blog that paid for the ad with credits. What a great way to show you support those sites and blogs!

And this concludes the Public Service Announcement/Entrecard Lesson for the day. Enjoy!


11 Royal Responses:

~Jamie said...

You are MUCH more observant than me! Thank for the info. Don't worry I too have bottomed out. I think my space is selling for 8 ec. how sad!

SitedandBlogged said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are featuring this wonderful post on Sited and Blogged tomorrow. Feel free to stop by and snag an "I've been sited" button for your sidebar. thanks

Lenox Knits said...

Great tip. Thanks for sharing. Come by the blog today to pick up a very appropriate and well deserved award.

Stacie's Madness said...

woot! thanks for the tip!

One Creative Queen said...

@ Jamie - Mine isn't much better. Then again, it depends on the time of day I check. It's gone from 356 one minutes to 128 the next. What the...?

@ Sited and Blogged - Thank you!! I will definitely be by the snag the button I've seen on other sites, and been so envious of! :)

@ Lennox Knits - Awww Paige! Thank you so much - I'm definitely not swelling in the award department - and this means the world. Especially coming from someone I respect so much!

@ Stacie - You're most welcome. Anything I can do to help. :)


~Jamie said...

Glad to see the that Harriet stop by and "sited" you. I submitted your post to her, hoping she would post it on Sited and Blogged. I thought it was great, I LOVE a good tip!

Julia DeGraf said...

Wow. I was prepared to be amazed, but no amount of preparation could prepare me for THIS! Thanks so much for posting this. I will spread the word via Twitter and Facebook.

Jaffer said...

I came here via Julia DeGraf's Tweet. Thank you so much for this tip !

Even with all the drama going on at Entrecard, I am still prepared to stick with them to the end.

modern mom said...

Thank you for this post. This is very helpful to me.

BTW, I have an award for you. You can pick it up here when you have the time.

Have a great day!

Angelika said...

You have a High Five from me HERE! :-)

Deborah said...

Well done, I think a lot of people in the Entrecard community will be grateful for this knowledge.

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